Our Solutions


We buy current model smartphones in bulk from global sources including manufacturers, network carriers, wholesalers and distributors.

Sort & Repair

We believe in minimising technology waste by processing, sorting and refurbishing usable phones, then disposing of waste in compliance with international environmental standards.


We supply a range of used and refurbished handsets to the market.

Are you over-stocked or need to liquidate? We buy and
receive handsets immediately so you can get back on
track with cash-flow and warehouse space.

Model Runouts

We can help you move old stock to alternate markets. That way you can focus on maximising your new model sales.

Warranty & Returns

Customer satisfaction is key. As a form of asset recovery, Celltrex offers a buy-back service turning your returns into profitable resale items. This eliminates the need for you to sort and test returns on site.


We’re actively working to minimise the number of phones sent to landfill by buying faulty and damaged handsets, then processing these for repair.


Incentives work. Increase your sales with buy-back offers, allowing your customers to trade-in their old handsets. Satisfaction for them, revenue for you.

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