Did you know more than 20% of all mobile handsets are returned to their point of sale?

Yet in our experience, over 60% of returns have no problems.

About Us

Our innovative solutions and competitive prices ensure our business customers can focus on growth.

At Celltrex, we can help you move old stock to alternate markets, allowing you to focus on maximising new model sales.

Celltrex offers a buy-back service turning your returns into profitable resale items. This eliminates the need for you to sort and test returns on site.

We’re actively working to minimise the number of phones sent to landfill by buying faulty and damaged handsets, then processing these for repair.

We also allow you to increase your sales with buy-back offers, allowing your customers to trade-in their old handsets.

Our Process

Software Testing & Data Wipe

Advanced Automated Testing

Every device must adhere to our 72-point Quality Control and Functionality Testing before distribution. The devices are graded by physical cosmetic condition and are repaired where required.

All data is wiped from each device to ensure there is no sensitive information or privacy invasion before being distributed.

Manual Device Testing

Further Manual Device Testing

All handsets processed by Celltrex pass rigorous testing where they are graded by experts. Thus, extending product life cycle and ensuring customer satisfaction.

Cleaning & Sanitizing

Clean and Safe Devices

Each device is thoroughly cleaned with sanitising chemicals, including careful brush cleaning in all device ports and switches. This adheres to the latest COVID-prevention protocols.


Global Distribution

We distribute all devices to their new owners – no matter where in world they may be.

repaired phone


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The Next Steps

We buy and receive handsets immediately so you can get back on track with cash-flow and warehouse space. We believe in minimising technology waste by processing, sorting and refurbishing usable phones, then disposing of waste in compliance with international environmental standards.

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